Auto Attendant

Auto Attendant is an effective mechanized VoIP business benefit that replaces the requirement for a receptionist.

Conference Bridge

A key money-saving feature with MySKY is that we offer conference bridges. Why spend extra on physical equipment to handle this when it can be done easily, effectively and hassle-free.

Directory Assistance

Allow your callers to know who they can reach, and how to reach them quickly with the Directory Assistance.

Extension Dialing

Whether in the same office or not, you can dial your coworkers just by a simple extension.

Hosted PBX

PBX In the Cloud is much better, and more cost effective than standard and clunky PBX equipment.

Music on Hold

Having music or marketing messages on hold helps engage the caller to enjoy the experience, or learn more about what you do and who you are.

Number Porting

Worried that you’ll lose business because of a new number? Don’t worry! You can bring your number with you. Just port it.

Ring Groups

Ring groups are a way of distribution of incoming calls and is great for department based phone calls. No need to share a department phone anymore.

Voicemail to Email

A great way to be responsive to clients is to be able to reach their messages instantly. Voicemail to email makes this much easier. Just open your inbox and there is an audio file of the message.

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